A wealth of hard won experience and great communication skills

Advising professional practices: Twelve years as a commercial solicitor in London and Sussex combined by fifteen years developing software for legal and medical practices amongst others enables us to deliver real value to any practice wanting to modernise and embrace current opportunities for efficiency and growth.

For example - advising a private medical practice:

The sole proprietor needed to develop an exit route to move towards retirement - we helped him to investigate the possible options before guiding him through the means of successfully re-structuring the business with a new partner who would progress towards eventual control and full buy-out.

Program Management

We have experience of managing a wide range of programs and projects.

From big professional teams to modest creative programs.


We have a strong long term interest in education - in developing better ways of enabling people to learn at their own speed and in their own way.

We are interested in opportunities to collaborate on developments in delivering educational services - particularly using digital delivery mechanisms.

Teaching, mentoring & coaching

We have considerable experience of teaching in many forms - including mentoring and coaching.

We blend our skills to provide the right approach for each client.

Change management

Twelve years as a commercial lawyer in London and Sussex, fifteen years running a small specialist software developer, fifteen years teaching Art & Design Technology, seven years silver-smithing, sixteen years as a school governor give us the experience and knowledge necessary to help with the management of change in a rapidly evolving world.

Leadership & governance

We have a firm belief in the value of good leadership and believe it is important not to confuse leadership with prescriptive management. Getting governance right in formal organisations is the key to developing and maintaining a culture which encourages creative problem solving and removes the fear of failure whilst also ensuring transparency and accountability.

A significant difference between much British culture and some others, such as the US, Australia & New Zealand - is the widespread British fear of failure and lack of that fear in newer cultures. The confidence to try, to fail and to learn is an essential part of developing a successful culture in any organisation.

Management software

We have designed and engineered business management systems for fifteen years with deployments in legal, medical, post production and education - including system analysis, client liaison, development, training and deployment.

For example - redesigning the user interface for a business management system:

When most of the world was using heavily surfaced pseudo-mechanistic interfaces we developed a simple low key approach using our custom designed icons on a plain white background.

Maximising the display of the user's data and minimising the impact of the system components - a popular approach now but a cutting edge approach when we did it in 2009.

Web based business

We have been building web sites since 1996 and specialise in keeping them simple with easy navigation - like this one.

This site was built with Deskspace CMS making creating and improving a fast efficient responsive web site which looks great on any device accessible to everyone.

Here are a few example web sites

My Pocket Pro website
Demo website
Rufus website
Sophie website
Karen website
Development website
Kamil website
Visicom website

Design - simplicity and elegance


We love making in silver and were granted our hallmark in 2014.


We have a large photographic library and undertake photographic commissions.

Photography for Opera Brava

We have been Opera Brava's photographers since 2011